c0c0c0.net is probably not the site you are looking for.

c0c0c0.net is the bottom kitchen drawer of my life. I put stuff here that doesn't seem to go anywhere else. Ramblings, writings, and essays on topics not suitable for general consumption. Politics, religions, philosophy and childish games - that sort of nonsense. I don't want any of this garbage to snap back on me IRL, and so I hide it, under a thin layer of pseudonyms strong enough to repulse your average HR department.

I'd completely understand if you chose to just move along.

An Anticipatory FAQ:

What's a "c0c0c0"? Some kinda chocolaty beverage?

It's the hex code for what used to be called "button gray" when the internet was young. I took it as my handle because it was edgy and mysterious and made a statement about how all things had to be understood outside the traditional dichotomy. I can't say it turned out to be as cool as I thought it would, but I'm kind of stuck with it, now.

Who is Grey Freeman?

It's just a pen name, a play on the "c0c0c0" theme. Anything that I don't want to have to explain to someone in the real world gets blamed on Grey. Poor guy.

What's with the porcupine?

His name is "Mudge". He is my spirit animal.

Why does this site look so weird?

I don't know what you're talking about. It looks AWESOME on my screen!

Where's the rest of the content? You know - the good stuff?

Dude. I'm trying.