In the Beginning

Submitted by c0c0c0 on Wed, 01/25/2017 - 19:30

This one thing I know: Everything happens for a reason. Not in the sense that it happens for some desired end, but in that something happened before to make it happen. This is not something I have to take on faith because it perfectly matches up with my observations. Everything follows what came before it, and laws surrounding cause and effect are ubiquitous and unstoppable.

It is of singular importance that this fact not be taken on faith. To ensure that is the case, one should first envision those things in observable reality that appear to be random, or to have come from “nowhere”. Lottery numbers, the weather, car accidents, that sort of thing. Observed carefully, or perhaps discussed with an expert, it becomes clear that these things are not random at all.

Lottery numbers are usually selected by a mechanical process that follows an obscure but precise logic. If the exact circumstances that generated a specific lottery number were duplicated, the exact same result would come up. Weather is generated by innumerable environmental conditions. Water temperatures, wind patterns, Coriolis effect. If you knew all the variables, you could predict it perfectly. Even knowing some of the variables allows the weatherman to make a reasonable guess. And accidents, of any sort, are hardly “accidents” of all. They are the inevitable result of physics, position, and choices made in the lead-up. Despite appearances, nothing is random.

And so all that we see, all that there is, exists in its current form because of what came before. Things have fallen where they have for a reason. We can give that reason many names. History. Physics. Chemistry. Nature. The Rules. God. One name given to "the reason why things are as they are" is “The Logos”. You could call it anything, it really doesn’t matter, but I’ll call it that. "The Logos" is a pregnant term, and will carry a lot of water on this trip.

It should follow, then, that in the beginning … well, there was no beginning. If you stretch your mind back to the earliest event you could imagine - the creation, the big bang, whatever - something happened, and it happened for a reason. And that reason preceded “the beginning”, so whatever it was, it wasn’t the beginning. In fact, if everything is the result of what came before, if everything was caused by something, then if follows that whatever we call "the reason why things are as they are", that thing is eternal. It always was, and it always will be.

Everything that has ever happened, and the framework of interplay within which those events unfolded, has lead up to this moment. You, dear reader, are the inevitable result of the Logos. The thoughts that run through your mind as you read this are a result all that came before. Your experiences, your education, your biology. You, unique in the universe, given the cosmic rule-set within which we all exist, could be only as you are right now.